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Bill's Message

Dear Friends,


          As a retired Navy SEAL, combat veteran, and Lee’s Summit police officer, I have been honored to stand alongside brave men and women who have selflessly served and sacrificed for our great nation.  Along the way I have met thousands of people who all express the same thing, it is an honor to be an American. No matter our place in life, we all want to enjoy the rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. We want to be free to live the American dream. 

But now, many are concerned our country has started down a dark path.  A path that we will be unable to turn from, if traveled too far.  In a country where hard work pays off and an honest effort is recognized and rewarded, a place where our children have a future with an opportunity to grow and succeed; people now question if America is still that shining city on a hill. They are concerned about their security and wonder if there is hope for a better future.

This is why you and I must step forward and push back against the lies and cons of socialism and oppressive government.  We must ready ourselves and stand strong in our shared faith, get out of the trenches, and join the fight to save America and our future.

"To do my part, I have decided to serve my country once again.  I am running to represent 

the people of Missouri in the 4th Congressional District. It is an honor to serve!"

I’ve been told we need experienced politicians and only experienced politicians can serve us in Washington. But I ask you, where has this so-called experience led us as a country? We need leaders in Washington who will make the changes necessary to save this country from the current dark path we find ourselves on. It is time to send true leaders to Congress. It's time to send a SEAL to Congress, let's save America!

The time I spent deployed in service to our country has prepared me for this role better than any political experience would have done.  I have experienced the purest forms of evil and horrific acts that I would wish upon no man.  Yet, I have also witnessed the greatest acts of love and sacrifice.  My experience comes from a life on the field, not as a spectator in the stands like so many who represent us and say they know our struggles.

"Your contribution today will go a long way toward ensuring that we have the 
resources to fight the good fight and secure the victory."

I am not naïve in my decision.  I recognize the battle will be difficult and Washington is no place for a God-fearing Christian, but the battle must be fought.  The war must be won.  We can no longer continue to accept broken promises and turn our eye from continued failures. 

Ask yourself, are our borders secure?  Are our veterans provided for? Has our military grown stronger? Missourians deserve a representative who is not afraid to fight and understands the cost associated with battle.  A representative who knows how to win, no matter how dangerous the mission or how insurmountable the odds may seem.  As a member of congress, I will work each day and fight each fight for your family and mine. I will work to restore our country and put us back on the correct path.

Here are my Eight Strategic Priorities to Restore America and retake our future.

  • Fiscal responsibility of government

  • Secure our borders

  • Energy independence

  • Stop taking away our liberties

  • Strong military, take care of our Veterans

  • Properly fund our Police Officers, Firefighters, EMS

  • 100% Pro-Life, protection for the unborn

  • Stand for 1st and 2nd Amendment protection

"We must defend the nation against both foreign and domestic threats.  
We must be tenacious in our pursuit of justice.  
Now is the time for us to join the battle and lead the charge!"

There is a war being waged on our way of life.  A full-fledged assault on the liberties which made our country great.  It is a daily attack being fought across the country, from the halls of congress to the halls of our schools, and into our homes.

We are right to oppose the Socialist efforts to cancel our culture and undermine the Constitution. Their relentless attack is clearly seen in the indoctrination of our children to radical ideals, packing our courts with socialist ideologies, and the audacity in which they freely spend our tax dollars.  While Joe Biden stumbles in the dark and sleeps at the wheel of the ship, the extreme left continues to lead our country further and further astray.

Your contribution today of $1000, $500, $250, or even $50 will go a long way toward ensuring that

we have the resources to win. With six other candidates in the race, I need your support

to run T.V., Digital, and Radio ads ASAP!

Now is the time to retake the house, and God willing, we will play a key role in this effort. It all starts here, today, right now.

I will never apologize for my faith, my belief in liberty, personal responsibility and rule of law.  My commitment to our conservative Christian ideals is unwavering and I promise you I am committed to the fight. Will you stand with me and help in providing the resources needed to win the war? 

Will you join me in this mission?  Join me in the fight?  I am asking for your support, your partnership, and your prayers as we lead the struggle to reclaim our liberties and preserve our American greatness.

          Together, we can restore America’s greatness not only for ourselves but for our future generations.  Together, LET’S SAVE AMERICA!

Bill Irwin
Duty, Honor, Country

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