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Bill's Priorities

Fiscal Responsibility, Stop Excess Spending and
Protect our Agricultural Industry


The Nation is suffering from inflation at a 13-year high. The cost of everything has increased

drastically from groceries to fuel, building materials and home goods.

Under the current leadership, Missouri has lost jobs.  The President has cancelled oil pipelines,

and stopped additional drilling for fuel on Federal Lands.

This is severely hurting Missouri, especially the agricultural industry which is dependent upon

fuel for harvesting and protecting farm animals during the winter.

Whether you are from Columbia, Springfield, Warrensburg, or Harrisonville everyone

is feeling the pinch of higher costs.  It could get excessively worse in the coming months.


The tax and spend policies currently active in our government, is a recipe for an upcoming

recession. We must change the direction of our governmental policies to protect Missourians.

We must return to the prior pro-growth policies which increased wages and lowered costs

for citizens.

  • Rein in excessive government spending

  • Lower taxes

  • Remove excessive business regulations which constrain business growth

  • Protect our agricultural community that is damaged by buying retail and selling wholesale

  • Prevent the death tax on farming families

  • Implement country of origin labeling on all meat products

Secure our Border

The Federal government is mandated by the Constitution to secure our borders and our safety. At this time there is no southwest border, it is completely open and the border wall has been cancelled. More than 2 million illegal immigrants have been apprehended at the border in 2021 and that does not account for criminals and others that have crossed without apprehension.


This open border is allowing deadly drugs such as fentanyl, which is being transported from China to Mexico and brought into the U.S. by drug cartels. Criminals and possibly terrorist fully understand the opportunity to cross through Central America, hire smuggler and be escorted into the US illegally.

  • Finish the Wall

  • Deport illegal immigrants

  • Fully fund and support our Border agencies to prevent illegal crossing and attacks on our Officers

  • To support our agriculture industry, revitalize legal immigration policy

  • All illegal immigrants who fail to appear for their hearing should be charged with a crime and deported

Energy Independence

The changes to our energy policies have increased the cost of gasoline

by more than 30% in one year with the expectation that cost will continue

to increase at an alarming rate.

We must stop begging OPEC and Russia to produce more oil!

We must return to our energy independence. Turn back our

oil and natural gas resources!

  • Allow drilling on Federal Lands

  • More fossil fuel production

  • Stop funding green energy projects such as Tesla

Stop Taking away our Liberties

It’s time for us to fight back for our liberties. We must stop 
critical race theory teaching and the radical gender ideology. We need to force our schools to give an honest account

of American history.

We must give parents resources to control their children's education—whether they choose a traditional public school, a charter school, a faith based school, or a home school. Parents

are the guardians of their children and their rights to choose the education of their children must be protected.

COVID-19 has been a terrible virus which has killed many Missourians. But we now know enough about COVID and have developed therapies and vaccines which should allow us to get

back to normal. We should never have to prove we are vaccinated to attend a concert, visit a restaurant, seek a job, or carry on in our normal life. We should never have a mandate in which the government dictates our medical choice or the choices parents make for their children.

Mask mandates should be eliminated for all citizens, and children should not be required to be vaccinated or masked to attend schools.

  • Stop the teaching of critical race theory in our schools

  • Stop the radical gender ideology which is currently permeating our schools

  • Parents must have a voice and choice in the education of their children

  • Stop COVID vaccine mandates

  • Stop mask mandates

Strong Military and Keep Our Promises to Veterans

Missouri has a strong military tradition unparalleled with multiple military stations in the 4th District. All of these military stations provide vital security to our nation.


Bill served 33+ years in the U.S. Navy and retired as a Navy SEAL Captain. 

He has lived the patriotism, service, and extreme sacrifice of our troops.

The United States must provide vital support to our Veterans who have given so

much to their country.

In Missouri a trip to the VA can be an all-day affair and many medical specialties

such as mental health are not easily available. This has led to a veteran's suicide

rate of over 20 per day.


We must support the VA and focus the necessary services to save our veterans!

  • Incentivize employers to hire veterans

  • Improve programs and services for female veterans

  • Provide transition assistance for members that leave the service

  • Expand educational opportunities, programs, and resources for transition

  • Strong employment and training programs

  • Small business development opportunities

  • Civilian credentials or academic credit for military training

  • Reduce the number of service members and veterans who die by suicide!

Public Safety: Properly Fund Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters 
and First Responders


The Biden administration has stood by as our Law Enforcement Officers  have been physically and mentally attacked. Law Enforcement Officers are leaving the profession at an accelerating rate due to movements like “defund the Police” in which city governments have vilified the Law Enforcement Officers who are working to protect their cities.

It is time to provide additional support for our first responders!  They need higher salaries to attract the best candidates, exceptional training and certified continuing education and the equipment necessary to protect our Missourians. 

  • Provide proper funding to our Law Enforcement Agencies

  • Expand and train First Responders to cover underserved areas in Missouri

  • Support legislation that holds criminals accountable while protecting our First Responders

  • Provide essential equipment for First Responders to enforce the law and serve the public

  • Support our Volunteer First Responders with sufficient training and equipment

Police _3217.JPG

I am 100 percent pro-life and believe that abortion has turned our society into a place where we see children as an inconvenience, rather than a blessing. Eliminating abortion is first and foremost about protecting the unborn, but it’s also about making our society more pro-child and pro-family.


Children are a gift from God, and must be treasured.

Constitutional Conservative - First and Second
Amendment Protection

Joe Biden and his administration are trying to restrict our Constitutional right to buy and own guns. I will diligently fight any new legislation which restricts the purchase of weapons or ammunition from law-abiding citizens while also striving to enforce laws against criminals.

Our freedom of speech, right to peaceably assemble, and ability to worship as we please 

have been under scrutiny. I will work to ensure that your constitutional rights are protected. 

  • Protect gun and ammunition purchases for law-abiding citizens

  • Work to preserve our history

  • Prohibit the confiscation of weapons from law-abiding citizens

  • Allow every American to worship God as they choose

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