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Bill Irwin is a native Missourian who has dedicated his adult life to serving our great nation and his community, having traveled in support of our nation to all continents except Antarctica. Bill is a recently retired Navy SEAL Combat Veteran with over 33 years of military leadership service, a member of the State Department, a retired Lee's Summit, MO SWAT Officer and an Eagle Scout. Bill has a master’s degree in National Security and Strategy with a minor in Terrorism from the US Navy War College.


Military Career

Captain Irwin retired from the U.S. Navy in 2017 with an impressive record of responsibility and leadership.  His active duty support to Naval Special Warfare (NSW) mission sets include:

  • Operation Enduring Freedom serving as the SEAL Liaison Officer (LNO) from the Commander of Naval Special Warfare Task Group-561 (NSWTG)  to the Commanders of the Amphibious Group and Marine Expeditionary Unit 

  • Deployment aboard the USS Tarawa and later as Commander of Task Force 51 during combat operations in Iraq, 2003

  • Naval Special Warfare Group-4 Training Officer, NSW-Task Unit Commander during rescue and relief efforts following Hurricane Katrina

  • Deployment in support of Joint Special Operations Task Force - Philippines, 2005-2006

  • Special Operations Command Central LNO to Operational Directorate Representative Pakistan at the US Embassy Pakistan, 2007

  • Central Joint Special Operations Task Force Arabian Peninsula LNO to Multi National Forces-West Iraq 2007-2008

  • Special Operations Command South, Officer In Charge, NSW Task Unit Caribbean, 2009

  • Deputy Commander, Joint Special Operations Task Force Gulf Cooperation Council, 2010

  • Partnership Director for Special Operations Joint Task Force - Afghanistan, 2012-2013

  • Multiple deployments to support exercises and training in the Republic of South Korea. 


Additional military command assignments include:

  • Naval Special Warfare Group-1 DETACHMENT 113, Springfield MO

  • NSW Special Boat Team Riverine Training/Operations, Gulfport, MS

  • NSW Headquarters Support Three, San Diego, CA

  • NSW Combat Service Support-17A, San Diego, CA and NSW Surface Support 18

CAPT Irwin’s non-command Reserve assignments include:

  • Weapons Department Head Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare-114

  • Executive Officer (XO) Naval Special Warfare Unit-109

  • Executive Officer NSW Special Operations Joint Task Force -18

State Department

Bill Irwin’s leadership experience includes inter-agency government deployments while working for the Department of State

  • Two tours in Islamabad, Pakistan to provide management services throughout the American Embassy

  • Worked for USAID supporting efforts for security and prosperity throughout Pakistan

  • Worked with a team to close remote State Department locations throughout Afghanistan

  • Worked to provide liaison services between the State Department and the US Military in Kandahar, Afghanistan

  • Volunteer assignment ‘as a minder’ with the State Department to support President Trump’s visit to the United Kingdom for the 75th Anniversary of D-Day in Portsmouth, UK.


Lee’s Summit Police Department

Bill retired as a decorated police officer from the Lee’s Summit Missouri Police Department having served his community as a police officer, SWAT officer, and undercover narcotics officer.  Bill was known for never giving up on a fight.  In one instance, against the directions of others, Bill entered a home that was on fire and growing worse, to apprehend a person suspected of producing methamphetamine.  He removed enough of his personal protective gear to make entry through the attic and arrest the suspect.

Bill displayed no fear while protecting his community. While dispatched to a domestic violence call, Bill heard the screams of a woman inside of a house. He immediately took action as he believed that the woman inside was in imminent danger. He kicked open the door and apprehended a violent suspect that had stabbed the women. He immediately restrained the violent suspect and provided immediate medical care as he waited on first responders to assist.

Bill is an ordinary man who has done extraordinary things.  He’s fearless, he’s proven and he’s lived his life protecting our nation and its citizens. 

Bill believes strongly in protecting individual liberties and the protection of states' rights. His decision to run was based upon his belief that we must uphold the Constitution to protect Missouri and America. After decades of service around the world he wants to   continue his service, Bill believes he is best prepared to protect Missourians and the greatest nation in the world.


Bill graduated from the University of Missouri, Columbia and enlisted in the Navy. While serving, he earned a master's degree in National Security and Strategic Studies from the United States Naval War College.  After 17 years of service as a Lee's Summit Police Officer and more than 33 years of service to the Navy, Bill retired as a Navy SEAL Captain. After retirement, Bill continued to serve his country by working at United States Embassies with the Department of State. ​Now, Bill is focused on working for the people of Missouri's 4th Congressional District. As a Constitutional Conservative, Bill will work to protect individual liberties and states' rights by limiting government.

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